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    D-D REEF-PRO 900 Aquarium

    Once ordered you will be contacted regarding delivery, Palletised curb side shipping is standard however an install by ourselves can be arranged at an extra cost. For more info please don’t hesitate to get in touch before ordering.

    It takes years of experience to create the perfect aquarium design.

    Benefit from our involvement with some of the best reef tanks in Europe. D-D has always been at the forefront of modern reefkeeping and involved with some of the best reef aquariums in Europe.

    We have drawn on over 120 years of combined knowledge and experience in reefkeeping and aquarium production to develop and build what we believe is the perfect, affordable, systemised reef aquarium

    A key requirement for any good modern aquarium, is for it to run as close to silently as possible. By installing our proven twin pipe overflow system we eliminate almost all water noise whilst incorporating a safety bypass to remove the risk of flooding


    • System Volume: 290L
    • Tank Volume: 225L
    • Sump Volume: 65L
    • Top-Up Volume: 17.5L
    • Tank Dimensions L x W x H (cm): 90 x 61 x 46
    • Glass Thickness: 10mm Low Iron
    • Back Glass Colour: Black
    • Weir Comb Length: 330mm
    • Overflow Pipes: 2x32mm
    • Return Pipe:  1x20mm



    • Crystal clear, braceless aquarium with fully polished edges to provide an unimpeded view of your own personal reef. Balanced width to height ratio to enhance viewing, aquascaping and ease of coral placement.
    • Unique “Invisible weir box” design which disappears into the back of the aquarium.
    • Multi-stage weir design provides a high turnover rate in the tank whilst minimising drain down levels in a power loss situation. Special “Ultra-Flow” weir comb allows 30-50% more water through, so that larger pumps can be used.
    • Twin overflow pipes with adjustable valve offers safe and whisper quiet operation.
    • “Dry Box “ built into weir section to hide and pass through any pump and lighting cables.
    • Perfectly matched for use with the D-D Slimline lighting bracket and AquaIllumination lighting.
    • Sleek, extra tall cabinet that offers the perfect viewing height for the aquarium whilst providing extra internal space for installation of any equipment. Cabinet supplied pre-assembled as standard with lacquer coated, fully adjustable , soft close hinges. Modern, heavy duty cabinet using 36mm board, with high quality finish to compliment the home environment & adjustable feet to allow correct levelling of the aquarium on uneven floors.
    • Good ventilation is incorporated into the chiller and sump areas and removable, quick release, folding or bi-folding doors offer improved access for maintenance.
    • Separate chiller section with storage shelf is included on the larger models
    • Twin filter socks for super fine prefiltration of the water from the tank with filter sock silencing to remove any annoying trickle.
    • Large skimmer/equipment section.
    • Refugium section for caulerpa bed or for growing coral frags. Pump chamber.
    • Large 17.5lt top-up reservoir.
    Weight 21000 kg
    Cabinet Colour